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the price of love is loss.

but still we pay. we love anyway.


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My Heart
I'm a happy person, but moody, because I can be quite creative, artistically inclined, not gifted but always on the look out for opportunities for self expression, homebody, a mall rat too, talkative but extremely quiet, carefree but an uptight bookworm and a couch potato, (and I just discovered why i love tv movies and books so much: I so love storytelling!) in short I am a walking oxymoron, I contradict myself most of the time, still an oxymoron, still a bundle of contradictions, but right and wrong has always been black and white, I often complicate things by asking why and saying no, I believe in reason but do not need justification, don't see the need to prove myself although I constantly find my self having to do so and I'd much rather live not worrying about it, wish I could feel some more, much like before, I believe history defines a life but refuse to be defined by it, I complain and cry a lot but after that comes clarity and understanding, I am looking to regain respect for my own life experience, and go through my emotions without feeling guilty for it, (but despite all these I still amazingly lead an uncomplicated life!) Faith has always been strong, love is even stronger. I operate with such depth but live for the trivial, I refuse to let my life be a thing of compromise and a matter of convenience -- thanks to the little prince. Do not get me wrong though: I'm still such a kid! I love stuffed toys, candies and all things cute and fluffy. I think there's nothing wrong in believing in fairy tales, they're real if you think about it, just make your own magic. Come to think of it, these extreme polarities are so much fun and keeps me sane too. Love makes my world go round, hope makes me fly!

My Wings
Books, Literature, Music, Musicals, Theater, Movies, The Arts, Interesting people, Intellectual stimulants, Abstract thinking, Kids, Coffee shops, Philosophy, Psychology, Techie Stuff, Photography, Photoshop CS, Video Editing, Storytelling, Listening, New ideas, Questions, Answers, Moments of clarity, Travel, History and Culture, International studies, Friends, Family, Dreaming, Picking people's brains, Great conversations, Poetry, Italian food, Languages, Disney, California (for sentimental reasons), Pen and paper, The nebulizer, Deconstructionism, Toy stores, Occasional retail therapy, Diversity, Relativity, Story/Character analysis, Restlessness, Passions, Depth, Trivial matters, Laughter, Entertainment, A little bit of grit, Safe places, Mush, Justified romance, Singing(yikes!), Bookstores, Music stores, Portable DVD player, DVD's, CD's, Blogging, Parties, Occasions, Communication, Relationships, Emotions, Life.

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